There are so many different funding options today that it easily can become overwhelming, where you may not know which program or source to apply with. Conventional banks will only approve you if you have a well-established, profitable business. Some alternative lenders will lend to you if you have a certain amount of revenue, while others only care about your personal credit quality. Some lenders will lend you money based on your collateral. while others insist you have excellent business credit to get approved.

With so many business funding options available today, do you know how to get the most amount of money at the best terms?

Our team pulls together all legitimate funding programs into one place. We work with hundreds of different lenders that offer unique programs that work for all different types of borrowers.

Here are some of the highlights of the funding options available to you now:

Business Funding up to $200,000 even as a startup
0% interest rates for 12 to 24 months

No Upfront Fees or Costs

Approvals for this program DO NOT require docs; tax returns, bank statements, collateral, etc.

By working with all legitimate funding programs and our network of lenders, we can get you the highest amount at the best terms. We often help clients secure multiple credit lines through different sources to maximum approvals.

When banks say “no”, we say “yes”.


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BONAFIDE WORLDWIDE LLC, doing business as BONAFIDE FUNDING is not a direct lender or credit repair organization