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Who Are We

Bonafide Business Funding is a boutique small business funding consulting firm with over 15 years of experience and knowledge in the commercial finance field. We are dedicated to quickly matching your company with the finest available finance sources based on your financial picture and demands.

Since 2012, we’ve accumulated a wealth of resources in the form of industry expertise and strong relationships with small business bankers, funders, and private lenders around the country to help firms acquire the cash they require when they need it.

Our roots can be traced back to a search for solutions to a problem that millions of small businesses throughout the United States encountered 15 years ago and continue to face today. Businesses still find it hard to get access to finance when their own banks turn them down.

We are a group of company owners and entrepreneurs who pooled their resources to fund alternative funding sources when our banks turned us down for overqualified loans.

We are a leader in providing alternative funding solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to establish and expand their firms when they are denied a traditional business loan or line of credit with their current business banking solution.

Allow our specialists to remove the guesswork out of securing funding for your company by filling out our simple no-credit-check pre-qualification application for an immediate funding decision!



“A Structure Without a Solid Foundation is Destined To Collapse.”

-African proverb.

We strive to work hard to provide help and support through business funding services for budding small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Values and Beliefs

Our rise as a trusted leader in the alternative small business finance field can be credited to the adoption of our key values.
These fundamental beliefs serve as the pillars around which we build our organization’s stability and strength to best serve our clients.

Integrity is nothing but doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Our ideals and principles will always come first, even if it means sacrificing monetary gains.

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